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New modified Hound plates.
I like this design better, it has zones. Sets up and paints faster.

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I'm adding some pictures to show you what I'm working on lately.

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I'm re-making my hound series I love the vine work But i think I am going to change the shield enclosure, and  simplify some of the elements. Then  add more shading to give it more dimension. the original is posted pics before and after firing. This is one i sold but
wished i hadn't.  I wanted to make a template of the dog.
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Some unfired pieces i have been painting.

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More pottery pics from my Spanish pottery research project.s!IMG_20160303_163423760
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Pots! Spanish style plates, a book shaped flask, and more plate!IMG_20160628_174733592
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Here is what I have been working on.

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Since i started back at school i got a huge commission to throw and paint Maiolica pottery for a client. We sarted work last month anhave benn working weekends to get the job done.:

I had a great weekend with my husband working in our pottery studio. He worked on our dinnerware order, and i painted pots.
He also went through all the pottery and glaze making materials i was able to get from an abandoned pottery studio. He put them into the glaze table bins and the rest in 5 gallon buckets.
The pots i painted this week were from the Damashino patterns produced in the Florence area.
With the exception of the Mafia bowl.
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Hi, lots of time has passed since I've posted here. 
Working on building my business up in 2014, since last year was so horrible.
I've gone back to ceramics school and my wheel skills have much improved.
Still not a genius at the wheel, but throwing stuff that isn't downright horrible.
Just in general busy, busy.
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Took me a while to find this, lol.
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Can't believe it's been July since I posted here. Well, that's not entirely true. I post  at LJ  for the most part. and FB second.
Making this my alternate site.
At this point, I'm not sure what I'm going to do.
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I have a elderly dog. she is not aggressive and can only walk. She has just in the last two weeks started wandering out the acreage. We usually keep the gate closed after dark.
Today she wandered about 50 feet across the street to the neighbors who have a dog. He is a largeish terrier who is very noisy and who also goes through their invisible fence on occasion.
I would never hurt any of my neighbors dogs if the got in my yard and they have. 
I was about 50-60 feet away from her at the end of my driveway calling her. The neighbor heard me calling her. He came out yelled once and started shooting at her with some kind of air gun. I went to to grab her collar, as she was coming to me in on about ten feet on his property when he started shooting again. I told him "If I ever saw him shooting the gun at an animal again I would call the cops."
Shooting domestic pet animals is considered animal cruelty. He has my phone # he could have damn well called me, or said to me, because I was withing speaking distance, To come get my "F'ing" dog. I would have been okay with that and apologized.
But shooting? WTF????
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Lots has happened since March. Still working with clay, Interupped with a short stay in  Hospital. Back at it an working hard to keep my store afloat in this dreary economy. I will look for some piccies of  new pots to post.
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Tons of things happening around here (home) and at the job. Not all good. Most of it blogged on my LJ because i just plain lack the time to keep up on more than one right now.
The Good News is that we have been busy in th studio repugging/reclaining the hard/semihard clay we have stored in the house garage for 13 years. We had several hundred pounds to go through. We are about 3/4ths done, yay!  It was good way to get aquainted with the new Peter Pugger machine. D seems to like running the thing too. So now we have a half a ton of clay to use.
Just received the new glaze bin table this evening. It was nearly dark when the Redaway  truck arrived. At least i could help the guy shove the thing up the driveway and across the gravel to our makeshift ramp into the garage. It was way easier than the  giant kiln, thank goodness!
More later.
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Hmmm , I  kinda fell off the posting wagon. This is supposed to be my art blog , so I better post some!
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Going to the Tuscon Rock and Gem show next week.
News to follow. :)
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The family is all home together for the next 12 days!
We are having some fun watching movies and snacking on Christmas goodies. It's so good to be home with my loved ones . Not much to say , only i hope you are having as good of a time as I am. ;)
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Dragonfly bowl
18'' stoneware handbuilt cone 10 reduction.
blue green Titanium based glaze.

The picture has a lot of glare, sorry, but it gives you the basic idea. :)

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Here is yet another pottery post.
The V-bowl is 13 inches across, porcelain, Glazed with 5 different glazes.

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I am only going to do two pictures at a time. wanted to show y'all what I'm working on at school outside of glaze class.
These are handbuilt stoneware cone 10 reduction.
Thank you D for taking the pictures!!!!

and this one was sure fun..

The brown spot in the bowl is a reflection.


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