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Last friday I went to the gem show. I actually found gem beads I wanted to buy. They were discounted and of excellent quality. My fav. dealer fron Texas was there, and we where wheeling and dealing.  came home with faceted ametrine, garnet, citrine and amethyst. Plus he had great 2$ specials and i filled a big bag with those.
Saturday after noon was day one at the Gift show .I ordered more Siberiand birch wood boxes. At the cash and carry section of the show, I bought tibetan silver from my friend Dolma. She lives in California.Some day I will fly down and visit her.She lives just north of San Fransisco.
I could not find my french soap dealers, and I'm out of a lot of scents, so panic is setting in. Should I order direct? Still need to order my christmas animals and ornaments from the floral place. Will leave around noon today and get that done.
TTL, bye.
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The past couple of weeks i have been making jewelry.I wanted to try some new designs.
this weekend was spent digging through sweater boxes of stone beads. It seems I've so many beads I lost track of them. When the new space is built I'm going to separate them down to shoe box size bins. Wish I could do that now 'cause I'm frustrated looking for things. I have forgotten what I bought.
I need to pick up some more crystals. So there is a trip to Kirkland in my future. I hate the freeway- too many crazy drivers. Wish me luck. ;)
Been watching the first season episodes of Trueblood. Love it. Except they say f**k way too much and too much simulated kinky sex. Distracting from Charlene Harris's great story.


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