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Still searching for a yellow glaze recipe. It has to be compatible with cone 10 reduction firing and and be relatively non toxic.I think I have been through every database on the internet looking. I even found a glaze that claims to be very similar to Otto Heino's, lol! I am not a chemist, so reading the technical books on glaze chemistry has been hard  for me and of course you read about one topic or definition, giving you hints and nuggets of information and it leads you to connect the dots.
Things that  i have found in sources  that  say will contribute to making a true iron yellow.
An alkaline base such as Custer feldspar
A Calcium-magnesium additive such as dolomite.
Zircopax to brighten the iron colour
Epk to add more silica, a trace of iron
Possibly a little more silica (flint) to make  it less dry.
3.5%  red iron oxide
I done 3 other tests so far and the have turned out a  either a muddy yellow greenish runny mess , or a dark dried mustard looking thing with black bits where its thick.

The glaze i have had best results so far is the yellow salt .
Nephline syenite   63.9
Dolomite                 21.1
Zirconia (zircopax) 16.
ballclay (om4)        4.2
Add Bentonite 2% and Red iron oxide 1.%

It has the Calcium-magnesium thing going ,And the zirconia content.( Zircopax)
Although it has a great butter colour when thick, thin it is a musard colour. :(
also too shiny. I want a satin finish.
Makes me wonder if i should change to  ball clay to EPK  and to and neph sye to custer just to see what happens.
I think i'll run it through my glaze program to  check the oxides.
I suppose we could do oxidation firings i can't find the perfect reduction yellow.
Not giving up yet, though.

The new studio has a a garage door on it now. It was installed this morning.  The  walls have been taped an the first layer of plaster has been sanded .Waiting for the drywall workers to come back and finish, so we can paint. D also cut back all the vegetation away from our house so it can be painted the same colour as the studio.

School; Well glaze class is zipping along. I need to get more 500 gram bach containers, probably will wind up recycling the ugly yellow glaze results. As for pottery, I have been focused on making some larger pieces than i have been accustomed to.  Discovering some engineering tricks , and  been inspired by the larger area to paint  or carve.  Been turning out about 3 large bowls, and pedestal  plates a week . My most favorite bowl  stuck to the shelf last week an it damaged the feet. I have to pour the glaze over sections of the bowls so i managed t get too much glaze around the feet leading to stuck feet on the shelf. Have to scrape around the foot creases to rid it of surplus glaze in the future!
I have had fun with the Afgani wood textile  blocks making impressions in the clay slabs, glad i bought them. :) Thinking of buying anothe batch. The pieces i have made turned out absolutely stunning, I surprised myself!  some of the blocks i have are like new, the fellow who sold them to me said  some of the blocks are 50 to 100 years old. They are made of a super hard wood and blackend with age, use, and dyes.
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Tuscon hotel reserved.
Vacation/ birthday done and enjoyed.
All store orders done and shipped.
We now have visa/mastercard!
More news later...
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Am going to reserve my hotel for Tuscon tomorrow. The plane fare must be purchased by the end of October so i can get a good price. I think I need to be there longer to get everything packed and shipped. Found out the main Dealer i buy from will let me shop over a couple day period and my Gem/Mineral distributor will hold it until i am ready to pay and ship at the show. This is Big deal for me- that means they think of me as a steady customer.
I have to buy more malachite this year. and it is so heavy to ship. I'm going to hate lugging it around. Wish I had a buying assistant, lol.
As far as the store goes we have new art to bring in. I also will be bringing the new handmade wooden puzzles in for this weekend. The Siberian and polish boxes will be in sometime next week. They are just stunning all hand carved and painted!
More later!
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Last friday I went to the gem show. I actually found gem beads I wanted to buy. They were discounted and of excellent quality. My fav. dealer fron Texas was there, and we where wheeling and dealing.  came home with faceted ametrine, garnet, citrine and amethyst. Plus he had great 2$ specials and i filled a big bag with those.
Saturday after noon was day one at the Gift show .I ordered more Siberiand birch wood boxes. At the cash and carry section of the show, I bought tibetan silver from my friend Dolma. She lives in California.Some day I will fly down and visit her.She lives just north of San Fransisco.
I could not find my french soap dealers, and I'm out of a lot of scents, so panic is setting in. Should I order direct? Still need to order my christmas animals and ornaments from the floral place. Will leave around noon today and get that done.
TTL, bye.
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Catching up on ceramics postings
Small porcelain tray

Porcelain polkadot bowls

Porcelain mugs
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I went through the store and checked on my inventory. I was very surprised to see how much jewelry was sold this month. Our inventory is pretty much raped and pillaged. So that means some serious bench time. Less goofing off on the 'puter is in my immediate future.  This weekend is the last Gem and Jewelry show this year and I am in desparate need of findings. So that is a must do. The Gift Show is this weekend too, so I told the husband he will have to do the pottery thing without me this Saturday .I have to re stock my Provance soap line. I'm wiped out of that. Gotta get prepared for Christmas this year. I need to do well this season to survive. Last season was ruined by a parking lot filled with two to three feet of snow.
18" stoneware bowl handbuilt

purple haze bowl porceleain

shino tray

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D took this from The LJ gallery/scrapbook to see if it will post. here.
These are mine.  Cone 10 , Turner porcelain.

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 Friday- went to Breakfast with D and then went to the pottery studio and trimmed and finished three 12 inch V bowls. Then made one more bowl and a mug. D made some cute and chubby dome style teapots, and then glazed his vases. We took home the V-bows  and mixing bows i made the previous week.  Came home and D BBQ'ed lamb loin chops on the grill with salad from our garden and watermelon for dessert.

Saturday was a light breakfast out again, and we hit the Studio at noon. More vases for D and I made a half dozen more mugs and one more V bowl. Trying to figure what I'll glaze them in. (the bowls) dinner 1/2 lb homemade hamburgers, and key lime pie.
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Thursday thru Monday was such a whirlwind of activity for us.

Thursday: was a breakfast with D and a trip downtown to Seattle Pottery Supply and Murphy's Pub for drinks and snacks, and then pottery class.
Friday: Breakfast w/D and then to open studio at the School. Then a lovely BBQ at home involving grilled lamb chops, ribeye steaks and home grown salad.
Saturday: Breakfast, and another long day at school, followed by dinner and a movie.
Sunday: Work in the garden and the yard. Time spent playing with the dogs an playing with Pea. Pea is some what better but not his old self. We are unsure what to think about that.
Monday was a blur of running around paying bills and errands I didn't get done before the holiday.
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The past couple of weeks i have been making jewelry.I wanted to try some new designs.
this weekend was spent digging through sweater boxes of stone beads. It seems I've so many beads I lost track of them. When the new space is built I'm going to separate them down to shoe box size bins. Wish I could do that now 'cause I'm frustrated looking for things. I have forgotten what I bought.
I need to pick up some more crystals. So there is a trip to Kirkland in my future. I hate the freeway- too many crazy drivers. Wish me luck. ;)
Been watching the first season episodes of Trueblood. Love it. Except they say f**k way too much and too much simulated kinky sex. Distracting from Charlene Harris's great story.
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I was wondering what kind of slab roller to get for the studio. We use the cheapie cable tension ones at the pottery school. They work okay,but the cables seem to fray and get sharp. I poked myself good a couple of times enough to irritate the crap out of me. I also look at the big expensive ones and wonder how much better they might be.

Opinions ,advice, guesses???????
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I am hoping that soon the Dreamwith folks will enable importing picture files from other sources besides Photobucket or url.
I have some great new pictures to share- maybe i can cross post from lj to here. I hope I can figure it out soon.
At least I have 3 userpics now, Whoot!
*edit* Make that 5 user pics!


14 May 2009 21:49
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Hurray, I have a Seed Account
Guess I had better post some more ;)
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This past ceramic class session has been spent working on glaze formulas for our cone 10 reduction firing.
This is what I have been working on;
Reitz purple
Turquoise matt
Vanadium yellow green matt
Reitz blue
I still have yet to make the Amber Celedon and a Yellow Shino.
I don't seem to have time to make any small items to test my glazes on .All I have right noe are the porcelain tiles i made last session.
I can share the recipes If any ones interested.
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Art is a major part of who I am as a person. If I could not create, I'd probably go crazy. So, when I found out this blogging format was geared toward artists I couldn't wait to sign up. Whitehart Designs is the name of our pottery business we had 15 years ago when we lived in Florida. I moved and had to put ceramics aside for a while. I moved on to lapidary and jewelry making , because I could do it in a small space. I never thought I would take 11 years to get back to pottery again. I found a Master potter who opened his own studio in town and we (spouse and me) started taking throwing lessons. I am primarily a hand builder. So throwing was good to learn.
This summer we will be opening our own new pottery venture. This will be a dream come true for me. I have my Mom to thank for making it possible.
So I'll post some pics of my here to show you as soon as I can get Dreamwidth to let me upload them from my computer files...


1 May 2009 22:19
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a test for x-posting to my LJ *waves*
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Hi! I've just arrived and looking to get the feel of the place.
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